Are There Any Work-From-Home Jobs for Pharmacy Technicians?


by Edgar Galvan

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NPTA Job Board

The world came to a halt in 2020, sending everyone in different directions while trying to find out what to do for their own personal financial endeavors. Many people lost their jobs, many went on furlough, and those that were fortunate to maintain their jobs were given the opportunity to work from home until it was safe to return to their respective offices.

But as time went on in 2020, the world found out that it was going to be a while before things truly returned to normal.

Now in the middle of 2021, as the world has attempted to replicate the normal life we once lived before we all knew what COVID-19 was, people have returned to work. But, as the world has attempted to return to normal, there is still a bit of 2020 remaining… primarily the option to work-from-home.

With opportunities to work-from-home in job fields such as business, media, customer service, and even sales, are there opportunities for those in health?

Is it possible to work from home as a pharmacy technician?

In short, the answer is yes!

If you are interested in looking for remote pharmacy technician jobs, you do not have to look too hard. You can easily search for pharmacy technician jobs of any kind on the NPTA Job Board to find the job that best fits you.

After doing a quick search on NPTA’s job board, you will find that there are many remote pharmacy technician jobs available in a myriad of places across the country. Most are offered by CVS Health in states such as Illinois, California, and Florida.

Specifically, CVS Health is looking for specialty pharmacy technicians for remote work. So, what does that particular position entail?

This role serves as part of the CVS Health Specialty Mail Order Pharmacy team, where the technician would assist in reading, interpreting, and entering prescriptions into the computer system. This may include calculating doses, assigning directions for said doses, as well as accepting insurance payments. There are also duties such as contacting doctor’s offices and insurance companies to ensure accuracy of the patient’s specialty medication orders as well as answering patient calls to help with any issues or questions that may arise during this process.

Standard qualifications are six months experience in a pharmacy, with six months experience working with Windows-based applications like Windows and Microsoft Office, as well as six months of computer keyboarding skills and aptitude.

Although these positions are remote, they are exclusively available for employees located in the same state where the position is offered.

You must also have an active state license registration, depending on the state that you are wishing to work in.

Looking from the employee’s perspective, it is clear that there are many benefits to working at home.

Some of the benefits to working from home can include:

  • Less time spent commuting
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Custom work environment
  • Less need for sick days
  • Potential for a flexible schedule

These are just some of the many benefits to working from home. Depending on what type of person you are, you could potentially thrive in an environment that you are familiar with and could potentially be more productive “on the job”.

Benefits are dependent on the person so, be ready to weigh the pros and cons of working from home for YOU!

When asked how working from home was for pharmacy technicians, a couple of NPTA followers shared their experiences.


It is important to read the job descriptions for each of the remote jobs and understand the job responsibilities.

If you feel that you can complete the necessary tasks at home and be efficient enough in your own space, then it could be a great fit!