Ways to Celebrate Pharmacy Technician Day


by Kimberly Gabriel, CPhT

Ah, Pharmacy Technician Day… The Day Techs everywhere are praised and recognized for the extra mile we always go for our patients.

In light of COVID 19, many old normal greeting cards and cakes are blah, meh, aaarrrgghhhh…

So I came up with what I would love for the RxTech Fairy to bring me this year!

I wish for Technicians to have catered lunches from their favorite place (you could vote on what that place may be) And for amazon gift cards, Starbucks, gift cards to the local markets or local retail.

Free CE’s!! Education is the gift that gives forever! It would be great to see more hospitals and pharmacies offering free CE packages that us techs could pick and choose ourselves.

Hashtags galore!! Use #RxTechDay on all your social media posts with anecdotes of your career, funny (appropriate) stories, and what you love about your career!

Share your stories, dreams, and aspirations with other techs. Blaze a trail for the new technicians. Be a positive and supportive ally with each other. A great way to advance your career and soar to new heights is through sharing and networking with each other. Reach out for a cause you care about in the name of Pharmacy Technicians!

Make plans to set up a booth at your kid’s school career day. Teach children and teenagers about medication safety in your community. Advocating about proper medication use could help prevent future addictions and illnesses from improper use of medication.

Find one thing in the pharmacy that you want to change and work together to make it happen, such as reorganizing that back storage room or decorating the break room or patient waiting area. If someone you work with has a crafty, sellable talent, and you’re in a small hometown pharmacy with a gift shop, set him up a place to display his craft for sale or to admire. I was pushed to display my photography in a small pharmacy I used to work in and sold quite a few prints that way. I gained confidence in my abilities that I am forever grateful to that pharmacist for. It changed me forever in a beautiful way.

Finding ways to get involved in the community, paying it forward to our peers, and celebrating each other will do nothing but make us all the better at doing what we love to do. Help others.

Happy Pharmacy Technician Day, Y'all!