What Are the Best Shoes for Pharmacy Technicians?


By Edgar Galvan

Being on your feet all day at work has to be tough… Being on your feet all day at work with uncomfortable shoes has to be even worse…

As a pharmacy technician, you are forced to stay on your feet, moving around constantly throughout the day in order to treat the needs of patients coming into your pharmacy day in and day out.

Because of this, it is important to have the best shoes possible on your feet to ensure you are comfortable and complete the job as best you can without having to think about how bad your feet feel.

A few months ago, NPTA posted a social media post across all platforms asking pharmacy technicians, like you, what shoes they wear while on the job.

Here are some of the results:

Brooks Sports Shoes

Topping the list for most submissions from pharmacy technicians was Brooks Sports Shoes. Most of the comments on these particular shoes stated that these are the perfect shoes for staying on your feet all day, with many practically calling it the undisputed champion amongst the shoes of choice for pharmacy technicians.

Dansko Shoes

Dansko Shoes were the second most voted shoes among pharmacy technicians. One comment mentioned that Danskos are good for walking and keep you steady while on your feet. Although many love these shoes, there are some that mention alternating between these and other more popular shoes (Brooks).


Sketchers were the third most popular shoes on the list as many state that they give you the mix of comfortability as well as style, which definitely can play a part given you are having to wear the shoes the entire day! Some pharmacy technicians state that they wear Sketchers in the spring and summer months while switching back to Danskos in the fall and winter.

Hoka Bondi

The fourth most popular shoes amongst pharmacy technicians were Hoka Bondi Shoes. Just like the others mentioned before, these shoes are really good for comfortability, but may lack some of the style that some people may want. At the end of the day, many believe comfortability is more important than style.

Other shoes that did not necessarily top the list, but did have votes amongst many of the pharmacy technicians that commented on the post were shoes such as:

• Oofos Clogs
• Adidas
• Nike Free Runs
• Spring Step
• Merrills
• Alegria Shoes
• Crocs
• Clarks
• Saucony
• New Balance

The best shoes may mean the shoes keep your feet warm and snug throughout the day, the shoes keeps your feet cool and allows air to circulate, the shoes has a soft touch to it, or the shoes has a nice look to them.

There are so many components to shoes that make it good for each individual so it all comes down to what your needs are and what you require for comfortability.

So these are a just a few types of shoes that your fellow pharmacy technicians are wearing to get them through their day.

At the end of the day, you should wear the shoe that you think is the best for you!