How to Curb Drama in the Pharmacy


by Brook Beard, CPhT 

We are all professionals from the medication transport team to the highest level of management. Still, occasionally, your differences with another employee will cause drama in the pharmacy.

One of the huge benefits of having different points of view with all the members of the team is that these different viewpoints contribute to an altogether better work experience. The sum is greater than its parts!

Every individual brings their background, culture, ethnicity, and personal history to influence and create a better dynamic of ideas. The offense can manifest itself from such a simple thing as misunderstanding another’s intentions.

To curb drama, a person must be open-minded to another’s point of view. To respect a different background than your own does not mean that you must fully agree with that person’s views.

If possible, team-building exercises are an excellent way to bond pharmacy co-workers despite any differences. Team building could be as simple as an informal gathering for coffee, drinks, or dinner after work.

Another option would be a gathering on the work grounds by having a potluck, trivia games, or an informal meeting in which team members are allowed to speak freely, whether it’s a work-related discussion or personal topic. However, the truth is that sometimes there will be an individual who intentionally causes drama!

This can be hard to understand, but this person is likely behaving this way again. Perhaps their home life is unhappy, or they’re mentally unwell in a capacity that we may not comprehend. If there’s a toxic-pot-stirring drama fiend in your life, written below are some tools that you may implement to mitigate and curb that drama. You must be tactful and always be prepared with logic and reasoning.

If this drama-filled personnel comes to you with gossip, you can change the subject or shut it down with a simple phrase such as “I don’t see it that way.” If you notice coworkers who do not get along, you can help in this scenario by being the peacekeeper.

If a coworker in this scenario is irritated, you can tactfully cool them down by reasoning with them as a neutral third party. At times there may be pressure to give in to the drama. Within yourself, you must find the will to steer clear of that toxic environment in whatever way works best for you. Some people find that meditation or prayer helps focus on what matters and not on the wasted time of gossip and drama. Yet others may find it helpful to take deep breaths to settle their mind.

More options to calm yourself could be taking a brisk walk on your breaks, which will clear your mind and improve your health. In conclusion, drama is a choice.

You can choose the peaceful route and enjoy a healthier and happier life.