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Self-Care and the Use of Non-Prescription Drugs NEW
Pain Management for Pharmacy Professionals NEW
Mental Health NEW
Vaccine Administration: Assuring Safety NEW
HIV/AIDS for Pharmacy Professionals
Reducing Medical Errors
Validating Prescriptions for Controlled Substances
Working with LGBTQ Patients in Healthcare Settings
Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion
Drug-Supplement Interactions: An Overview
HPV Vaccination
Management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting
Overview of Immunotherapy in Cancer
Management of Adverse Effects with Immunotherapy
Preventing Opioid Abuse
Human Trafficking
Diabetes Management Essentials NEW
Diabetes Management Essentials NEW
Pharmacy Professionals' Role in Preventing Opioid Abuse NEW
Understanding Psoriasis
Understanding Asthma
An In Depth Look at Migraines
Drug Induced Liver Injury
HIPAA Privacy & Security
Diabetes: A Comprehensive Review for Pharmacy Technicians
Ethics and Law in Pharmacy Practice NEW
Metabolic Syndrome: An Update for Pharmacy Professionals NEW
Pain Management: What You Need To Know & Want To Know NEW
An In Depth Look at Orphan Drugs
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Safeguarding Patient Privacy: The Integral Role of Pharmacy Technicians in Upholding HIPAA Standards NEW
(2/1/2024 -- 2/1/2027)
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