Sterile Compounding (IV) Certification

A sterile compounding certification course is an excellent supplement to your resume as a certified pharmacy technician. During the course, you will learn the skills necessary to achieve your IV certification.

The course is ideal for pharmacy technicians, pharmacy technician students, certified pharmacy technicians, and pharmacists. Regardless of your specific expertise, it is always beneficial to gain additional skills that can further your career or reinforce your knowledge base.

Completing the course and earning the Official Certification of Validated Training will prove to be a strong advantage in the job market. While pharmacy technicians commonly receive training on the job, employers always appreciate situations where less on-the-job training is required.

In addition to making it easier to find a job as a CPhT, the skills and knowledge you have after our sterile compounding certification course can help you achieve a higher salary due to your additional education. As a bonus, the program provides a CE credit that can count toward your continuing education requirement to renew your CPhT certificate every two years.




Getting to Know Our Course

While all sterile compounding certification courses provide similar information, each one is slightly different. Ours is an ACPE-accredited certificate program, making it well-respected and the perfect addition to your resume. Due to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education accreditation, you should have no difficulty in getting others to accept your certification, including employers.

Course Structure

Our sterile compounding certification course consists of nine modules that you complete at home via our online learning system. Each module includes an assignment for reading as well as a module quiz. At the end of the modules, there is a comprehensive final exam to ensure you have retained all the information you learned throughout the course. After you finish the study modules, which are all home-based, you will complete skill validations and hands-on training.

The textbook for the course is “Sterile Products and Aseptic Techniques for the Pharmacy Technician” 2nd edition,” written by Mike Johnston.

The course combines self-led at-home studying with practical experience overseen by professionals, ensuring you have both the knowledge and the physical skills for your sterile compounding certification.

Hands-On Training Via One of Three Paths

No aspect of pharmacy technician training is complete with a practical component. We offer three different ways for you to complete this aspect of our IV certified technician program, allowing you to choose the method that fits your situation the best.

The Training Center

You can visit our training center, conveniently located in Houston. Selecting this option will give you two days at our state-of-the-art simulation training area. Here, you will learn your hands-on skill validations and training.

Mar 4-5, 2024

Mar 23-24, 2024

Mar 25-26, 2024

Apr 8-9, 2024

Apr 20-21, 2024

Apr 22-23, 2024

May 6-7, 2024

May 18-19, 2024

May 20-21, 2024

Jun 8-9, 2024

Jun 10-11, 2024

Jun 24-25, 2024

NEW - You can now register and wait to select your dates later, based on availability.

Your Workplace

If you currently work in a health system pharmacy where sterile products are compounded, you can also receive the training there. This involves your pharmacist validating the training hours as well as the skill validations right on the job. If you choose this option, we will give your proctor/pharmacist the instructions and supply all the required forms. We will not include PPE or training products.

At Home

Due to the unique situation with COVID-19, we also have a temporary option that allows you to complete the skill validations and hands-on training at home. This is done via a combination of one-on-one video conferencing, simulation software, and video+MockMed product training. There are also group video calls that allow you to take advantage of Q&A sessions with our instructor. If you opt for this method, we will supply the training products and PPE, but you must return them using the prepaid shipping container we supply you with. You will not receive your certificate until you return these materials.



Topics Covered

Our sterile compounding certification course builds on your knowledge as a CPhT.
As mentioned, there are nine modules for home study.

These begin with an introduction to sterile products before moving on to facilities, garb, and equipment. Other modules include quality control and assurance, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), sterile product preparations, aseptic technique, properties of sterile products, aseptic calculations, and chemotherapy.

During the hands-on training, you will validate your skills in four key areas. These include aseptic garbing and handwashing, ampule manipulations, vial manipulations, and laminar airflow hood care. The vial and ampule manipulation validations and techniques are supplemented by those for hazardous vials and hazardous ampules. The laminar airflow hood care includes techniques for both horizontal and vertical airflow hood care.