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How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills in the Pharmacy

Increasing revenue through customer attraction is a challenge for every business. What sets your pharmacy apart from the competition is the quality of service you provide to your customers. The pharmacy technicians maintain a healthy pharmacy behind the scenes with their organizational and inventory management skills. Customer service keeps your customers returning, helps you build a relationship with your community, and allows your pharmacy to compete. Read More.

Tips for Avoiding Wrong Dosage Formulation

A pharmacy technician's goal within their scope of practice should be to avoid making medication errors. Who wants to make a mistake that can hurt or harm a patient? No-one! Yet, errors can happen at any point in the prescription process. We recognize that medication errors can start with a prescriber, with a patient, or even with the pharmacy. The focus of this blog is to give you some tips for avoiding dispensing the wrong dosage formulation. Read More.

How to Provide Great Patient Care

Providing great patient care starts with an act of service from the heart. You may be able to provide good patient care on a daily basis, however, we can provide great care by digging just a little deeper. By showing empathy, transparency, and patience, as pharmacy technicians, we can reach someone and provide the best possible experience to patients. Read More.

How to Get into Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Instructor

A Pharmacy Technician is an important position and is very rewarding. You may work in a retail or hospital pharmacy setting, and some Pharmacy Technicians stay in these settings and make it their career. Why is this? They enjoy helping their patients and feel rewarded for working in the healthcare community. How does one become a Pharmacy Technician Instructor, and what will one do? Great question, Let's dive into these and get you informed. Read More.

How to Conduct Diversion Investigations in the Pharmacy

On television shows, it looks to be relatively easy to deal with diversion. Usually, they figure it out in one episode, but investigating diversion cases take a multidisciplinary team, time, and a plan. Generally, you will have a diversion officer or specialist assigned to the case. Read More.

Pharmacy Technicians in Hospital Settings

My life as a pharmacy technician started off as a person who wanted to change the world through science. But how does one achieve such a goal? I did not think long about it, but I felt pharmacy would be a good start. So, I took the didactic approach to become a pharmacy technician. In no way was one field better than the other, but there were a few reasons why I chose the hospital route versus retail. Read More.

The Importance of Prior Authorization in the Pharmacy

No doubt, many working in the pharmacy profession have heard the term prior authorization or PA, particularly those who work in retail, specialty pharmacy, or managed care settings. As well as having experienced the frustration and anxiety patients and providers demonstrate when told a PA is needed. Read More.

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills

Some skills come naturally, and some are learned. Strive to do and be better each day. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and always smile. I bet your smile is great; you should wear it more often. Whichever is the best way for you to learn, hard and soft skills are imperative aspects of the pharmacy technician profession. Read More.

Building Pharmacy Technician Resilience

What is resilience? Why is being resilient important? ?To me, resilience is a quality one has when one can face challenges head-on with the ability to recover or bounce back from those challenges successfully. This quality can apply to many different situations and/or professions, but how does this apply to us as Pharmacy Technicians? Read More.

Frequently Asked Questions in the Pharmacy and How to Answer Them

Triaging skills can be developed and are essential in communicating information and creating an efficient workflow. First-hand experiences in multiple practice settings have taught me that you must determine your audience. Answering questions from healthcare providers(ex, Physicians, nurses, pharmacy) versus patients may vary but know that all inquiries are about the use and access of medication at various stages. Read More.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills in the Pharmacy

Improving communication skills in the pharmacy, especially on the retail side, can put you to the test and decide whether you will sink or swim in the environment. Even if you do not have an extroverted personality type, it is still vital to have good communication skills and customer service. Here are a few tips on ensuring you rise to the top in communication and customer care Read More.

How to Network for the Job You Want

The pharmacy technician field is expanding, and the possibilities in this field seem almost limitless these days. There are many ways to network to get the job you want. Here are a few tips that have helped in my journey. Significant Ways to Network For the Job You Are Looking For; social media: LinkedIn, involvement in related organizations, and earning certifications Read More.

What To Do When You Suspect Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on a person's life. Death, overdose, homelessness, broken families, and loss of employment are some of the negative effects of substance abuse and addiction. When working in the pharmacy, there are safety checks in place to minimize misuse of prescription drugs. Controls such as early refill alerts and prescription monitoring programs, but what do you do if you suspect someone close to you is abusing drugs or alcohol? Read More.

Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness in Pharmacy

During last year’s CPhT Live 2021, the National Pharmacy Technician Association provided me with an opportunity that I had been waiting years for, bridging the gap between emergency management and pharmacy, as well as (hopefully) instilling in the participants the desire to advocate for pharmacy technicians to participate in disaster preparedness and emergency management for their pharmacies. Read More.

Why Medication Therapy Management is Important in the Pharmacy

Have you ever tried to fill a patient’s prescription only to find out it wasn’t covered by their insurance? Has your patient suddenly become a Karen with devil horns and a forked tongue? That’s a headache you can easily avoid with medication therapy management!  Read More.

Most Common Pharmacy Abbreviations and How to Remember Them

When you accepted your pharmacy tech position, did you ever think that you were also being hired as a translator and handwriting specialist? At least with the growing conversion to electronic prescriptions, you may not have to analyze a doctor’s handwriting as much, but the translation never stops. Read More.

The Importance of Stress Management in the Pharmacy

In general pharmacy practice, we are hit with stress that we cannot control. So how can we limit something “out of our hands?” I find that you must understand that everyone is different. Not everyone will appreciate your answer, nor will they see your logic of understanding as right all the time. Read More.

Dealing with Controlled Substance Diversion

Drug diversion can happen to many people in different locations and pharmacies, and sometimes it happens with people you are close to or would never suspect. Don’t let your feelings or emotions cloud your judgment. Trust the facts and the documentation. Having worked several narcotic diversion cases with NCIS, DEA, and NC-SBI, let me tell you a little about dealing with narcotic diversion and investigations. Read More.

How to Increase Medication Adherence

As a pharmacist working in a clinic in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, there is hardly a day that goes by where I don’t encounter numerous refill requests whereby the patient appears not to be taking their medication as prescribed by their physician or healthcare provider. Do you experience this in your pharmacy? Read More.

What to Do When There are Medication Errors in the Pharmacy

Every time we fill an order or a prescription correctly, we are helping our patients get better. However, if we make an error, we could potentially harm or even kill someone’s loved one!!!! Something that we would never want to experience. As pharmacy technicians, we are responsible for keeping our patients safe!!! Read More.

Drug Interactions Pharmacy Technicians Should Know About

Pharmacy Technicians have a key role in the prescription process. In a retail environment, they are usually the first thing a customer will see. In a hospital environment, their role is vital to prepare an IV/injection prescription order within minutes. Read More.

The Top Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

As humans, one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is an education. The investment in an education can lead to many different and unique opportunities in life. Some of us know exactly what we want to do and where we want to go to make those educational dreams come true, such as the college we attend, but it may not be that simple for others.  Read More.

Pharmacy Technicians and the #PizzaIsNotWorking Movement

The #PizzaIsNotWorking movement is a catchphrase to show that pharmacy staff is not motivated by an occasional pizza. This movement was started by Bled Tanoe, PharmD, and has since caught fire across social media, highlighting the more significant issue. In the pharmacy profession, we are healthcare providers that many patients see on a regular basis, some as often as weekly. Read More.

Six Ways to Increase Your Accuracy as a Pharmacy Technician

What is accuracy? Freedom from mistake or error. There are various ways to increase your accuracy as a pharmacy technician and various websites to help you in the long run. Being a certified pharmacy technician for over 11 years, I have had to learn different ways to help through the day.  Read More.

How to Win Over an Angry Patient

How did you encounter angry patients over the past two years? • Is it through face-to-face conversations? • Could it be phone calls to your pharmacy? • What about through pharmacy emails? • How about through pharmacy website messaging systems? • Or maybe family members of a patient in a hospital? This has been a very tough past two years for pharmacy technicians, and we are tired of being told the same thing to assuage our emotional fatigue. Read More.

Eight Unique Career Options for Pharmacy Technicians That Aren’t in Retail or Hospital

So you may have recently read a blog post about “How Pharmacy Technicians Do More Than Count Pills” and might be thinking, “That’s great, but what if I don’t want to work in a hospital or retail?” Maybe you’re already working in those settings and need a change. Maybe hospitals creep you out. Perhaps you spent a summer as a sales clerk and vowed never to work in retail again. Read More.

The Top Three Things to Remember as a Pharmacy Technician

Working as a pharmacy technician requires a lot to remember for the job. There's memorizing brand and generic names, accurately processing prescriptions from start to finish, reconstituting or compounding formulas, and computing basic math calculations. With all that’s required, becoming a well-rounded technician comes with time and experience. Therefore, you must remember the things that will help increase your effectiveness to yield rewarding outcomes! Read More.

Finding Opportunities as a Pharmacy Technician during The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation of 2021 was a wild ride, with people quitting their jobs because they were burnt out from being overworked and underappreciated. What does this mean for pharmacy technicians? Did you find yourself as one of those who quit, or are you barely holding on because you are so burnt out with no relief? Read More.

What to Study for the CPhT Certification Exam

Are you trying to advance your career as a pharmacy technician by becoming a CPhT? There are two ways to go about it... taking the ExCPT or the PTCE. The ExCPT and the PTCE both require lots of training and studying. Here are the basic requirements for both exams as well as the topics covered and some great resources for studying available.  Read More.

How to Survive a 12-Hour Shift

During your career, you will more than likely endure a 12-hour shift. Are you already asking yourself, “How will I survive a 12-hour shift?” Well, there may be a time you may want the extra hours, or you may be asked on the spot to stay and help the team out. Either way, surviving a 12-hour shift is not as bad as it may seem. I will share a few helpful tips on surviving a 12- hour shift no matter the circumstances!  Read More.

How to Improve Your Workflow in the Pharmacy

Everyone alive has some flow, or ritual, for how they do everything. Everyone knows that the easiest, most straightforward way is the most e?cient way to do it. No, that’s not true. Not everyone knows this, though; it is innate knowledge to me. I am always looking for new ways to do things. It all starts with a goal.  Read More.

How to Cope with Being Short-Staffed in the Pharmacy

Pharmacy staff worldwide feel overwhelmed, overworked, burnt out, and understaffed in every type of pharmacy environment. Increased responsibilities or additional tasks can be quite stressful in an already overloaded workplace. These concerns are very common these days due to the pandemic and can also be common on a regular basis, depending on. Thus, an individual and a team must cope with these issues to keep workflow efficient and decrease chances of errors. Read More.

The Top 5 Mistakes Made in Pharmacies and Tips for Preventing Them

Both retail and institutional pharmacy environments have multiple tasks going on simultaneously. For example, phones can be ringing, while a patient is awaiting an influenza or a Covid-19 test in the pharmacy drive-thru, and a stat order is received from the hospital floor. Read More.

Why Do Pharmacy Technicians Need to be Registered?

Originally pharmacy technicians were simply assistants to pharmacists. Over many years we have evolved to do more and more complex activities. Often, pharmacists used to own their small shops and could complete all the required duties on their own. Read More.

Career Opportunities for Traveling Pharmacy Technicians

Did you know that you can become a traveling pharmacy technician? If you had told me when I started my career almost 15 years ago that a career traveling as a pharmacy technician would be a prevalent thing, I would have laughed in your face. Nevertheless, today, you can make a great career out of traveling as a pharmacy technician. Read More.

The Challenges of Working in Retail Pharmacy

A typical day in retail pharmacy sometimes feels like you require eight arms like an octopus to keep up with the workload. Technicians constantly have to multitask and transition from one assignment to the next while having to remember the tasks that need to be completed for each patient. They are expected to do their jobs correctly while attending to multiple patients with different personality types. Read More.

What are Pharmacy Technicians Required to Wear?

Working in a pharmacy setting can have you doing a lot of activity. While working, you want to be comfortable while sticking to the required dress code. Within the multiple branches of pharmacy, there are numerous types of clothing options that can be worn to work. The main types of clothing that pharmacy technicians wear are business casual and scrubs.  Read More.

What is the Best State for Pharmacy Technicians?

One of the primary things to consider when selecting the best state to work in must be the ability to be gainfully employed as a pharmacy technician. First, consider the median salary of a pharmacy technician in each state and the cost of living and jobs available for pharmacy technicians. Read More.

How Pharmacy Technicians Do More Than Count Pills

I’ll bet that when you tell people you’re a pharmacy technician (or interested in becoming one), the discussion most likely turns to counting pills. Maybe “back in the day,” that’s all technicians allowed to do – which is probably why we’re experts at it, no one denies that – but times have changed, and pharmacy technicians can do so much more than count pills. Read More.

What Certificates Can a Pharmacy Technician Gain to Further Their Career?

Are you looking to improve certain skills, learn something new, or maybe land a great job? The new Board of Pharmacy Technician Specialties (BPTS), an initiative brought to us by the National Pharmacy Technician Association, is here to help. While the choices for gaining additional certifications or specialty designations were extremely limited and could get very pricey previously, the BPTS is changing that by offering a cheaper and wider range of specialty certificates.  Read More.

Can Pharmacy Technicians Become Pharmacists?

Just as Pharmacy Technicians are seeing their professional roles greatly expand, some technicians still have that tugging thought, “I would like to be a Pharmacist.” What is the one major reason to be a Pharmacist? – Provider Status! This is the future for the pharmacist. Read More.

How to Curb Drama in the Pharmacy

We are all professionals from the medication transport team to the highest level of management. Still, occasionally, your differences with another employee will cause drama in the pharmacy. Read More.

Why are Pharmacy Technicians Restricted from Counseling Patients?

Why are pharmacy technicians restricted from counseling patients? Why aren’t Pharmacy Technicians allowed to counsel? The simple answer would be because pharmacy technicians do not have the required schooling or credentials to offer counsel to a patient, but let’s dive in a little deeper into why pharmacy technicians are not allowed to counsel patients. Read More.

Which Pharmacies Pay the Most for Pharmacy Technicians?

As entry-level pharmacy technicians, we always wonder which pharmacies pay the most for pharmacy technicians? Well, for all the newbies, you will have to find a pharmacy to work for to gain a little pharmacy knowledge and get some experience under your belt. Read More.

What is the Difference Between Licensure, Registration, and Certification?

We probably have seen the terms licensure, registration, and certification before discovering our career pathways. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, let’s use this opportunity to discover NEW words and their meanings. Let’s drive down the Word Bank Lane and discover the answers to these questions! Read More.

Ethical Decision Making in the Pharmacy

We hear about pharmacists' dilemmas regarding ethical decisions that touch their passion and make it challenging to complete a task because it feels wrong. But pharmacy technicians deal with this as well. Read More.

What Are the Best Shoes for Pharmacy Technicians?

Being on your feet all day at work has to be tough… Being on your feet all day at work with uncomfortable shoes has to be even worse… Read More.

Tips on How to Avoid Interruptions and Distractions in the Pharmacy

Pharmacy technicians are multitaskers. But when did multitasking become “more on my plate that I am concerned about completing without interruptions and distractions”? Read More.

The Most Loved and Most Hated Medication to Work With in the Pharmacy

Over the years, pharmaceutical companies have been growing, and more drugs are being developed to help patients with numerous health conditions and diseases. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen countless new drug therapies on the market. Read More.

Why Don’t Technicians Get Paid More?

Have you ever wondered what the determining factors to pharmacy technician’s (PhT) wages are? There are always formulas in the pharmacy world, and in the Human Resource Division (labor market), there are compensation factors. What are those dynamics, and who determines them? Read More.

Can You Work at More Than One Pharmacy?

In today’s economy, it can be tough to make ends meet. With gas, food, and housing costs on the rise, many are looking for supplemental income in the way of a second job. As a pharmacy technician, you may be asking yourself, “am I able to work at more than one pharmacy?”. Read More.

Can I Work in a Hospital Setting Without Experience?

Here are a few tips for pharmacy technicians who have no experience being employed in a hospital pharmacy. Someone who has no experience in this setting can show ambition and express their interest and willingness to learn a new pharmacy area. Read More.

The Role Of The Pharmacy Technician in Medication Management

The pharmacy technician plays many roles when it comes to managing a patient medication. The technician must first know and understand what medication management is, why it is important, the benefits to the patient, the pharmacy, and the third parties (also known as insurance companies), and what information is needed for the process. Read More.

Do Pharmacy Technicians Get Pay Raises?

Are you just starting as a pharmacy technician or looking at a pharmacy technician career path? Maybe you are wondering if this career will cover your cost of living or if you will ever get a pay raise. Read More.

How to Deal with Difficult Patients

Have you ever felt as if you were at your breaking point? Ever felt like you were about to explode due to dealing with difficult patients? Read More.

The Cons of Drug Discount Cards

These days, everyone is looking to save a little extra cash, and drug discount cards may be helpful. Drug discount cards are known to potentially lower a patient's out-of-pocket cost while usually being free. Read More.

Ways to Celebrate Pharmacy Technician Day

Ah, Pharmacy Technician Day… The Day Techs everywhere are praised and recognized for the extra mile we always go for our patients. Read More.

The History of Pharmacy Technician Day

This year pharmacies across the globe will recognize the contributions that pharmacy technicians make to enhancing patient care on October 19, 2021, which is the third Tuesday of October. Read More.

How to Avoid Burnout

With any job, burnout is inevitable if you do not take time and listen to your body. Burnout is no joke and may lead to depression or medical problems once the stress catches up to you. Read More.

Where Can I Find CE for My CPhT Renewal?

One of the best and most overwhelming parts of being a pharmacy technician is that you must keep learning new things to stay on top of your field. Read More.

The Benefits of Drug Discount Cards

Have you ever wondered why prescription drug discount cards are so popular? How can prescription drug discount card companies make money by giving discounts? Read More.

Can Pharmacy Technicians Go to Jail for Medication Errors?

Can a pharmacy technician go to jail for something that would fall onto the supervising pharmacist for responsibility in most states? Read More.

Where is the Best Place to Work as a Pharmacy Technician?

You studied hard and finally got that long-awaited CPhT behind your name… now what? Where is the best place to work as a pharmacy technician, you may ask? Well, let me tell you, the sky is the limit with this career choice! Read More.

The Future of POC Testing

With the onset of COVID-19, many changes have come to the world of healthcare. The past is just that: in the past. Healthcare will never be the same after this pandemic, which means many exciting changes are taking place. Read More.

How to Deal with Rude or Disrespectful Bosses

Dealing with a difficult boss is something that seems inevitable in life. As sure as thunder after lightning, most of us have had to deal with a toxic superior at one time or another. Read More.

Interview Questions and How to Respond

It’s time. You have found a position that interests you, and you have made an application, and you hear you have been set up for an interview. Read More.

Are There Any Work-From-Home Jobs for Pharmacy Technicians?

The world came to a halt in 2020, sending everyone in different directions while trying to find out what to do for their own personal financial endeavors. Read More.

Do Pharmacy Technicians Need Professional Liability Insurance?

A pharmacy is a dangerous place. An over-worked, over-stressed, top speed type of workplace where, due to the duties of the staff (sometimes not enough) and the volume of prescriptions processed, the risk of errors can be heightened. Read More.

Can My Employer Require Me to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The year 2020 brought upon many new challenges in people’s lives as the entire world was thrust into a pandemic. Even as we can view the end of the pandemic life on the horizon, there are still lingering questions on what life will be like after pandemic life is officially behind us. Read More.

Job Outlook for Certified Pharmacy Technicians

NPTA recently hosted the virtual Pharmacy Technician Student Summit event this past May that garnered various notable figures from within pharmacy. One in particular was Kevin Mero, who covered the topic of Job Outlook for Pharmacy Technicians. Read More.

How to Renew Your PTCB CPhT Certification

Is your PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician Certification close to expiring? Are you wondering what steps you need to take to renew it? Don’t worry, the process is actually pretty easy!  Read More.

How to Find Hidden Job Opportunities for Certified Pharmacy Technicians

No matter what field you choose to go into, going through the process of finding job opportunities may seem overwhelming. Read More.

Pharmacy Technicians Help Improve CVD Outcomes

As pharmacy technicians advance their education and experience, many entities are moving forward and factoring in technicians into their programs. Read More.