Pharmacy Benefits Management Certified Technician (PBMCT) Program 

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Are you interested in the administrative side of the pharmaceutical practice? Are you a data-driven certified pharmacy technician with high attention to detail? Then, becoming a Pharmacy Benefits Management Certified Technician might be just the career move you’re looking for! This unique certification can open the door to job opportunities and boost your career growth! 

This certification is a great way to get a start in the pharmaceutical field. It’s also an awesome way to expand your knowledge base as a CPhT and learn new skills. Our PBMCT training program will teach you everything you need to know to assist patients, process complicated claims, and provide valuable guidance.

About the PBMCT Program

PBMCTs have a wide range of responsibilities. From dealing with benefits administrators to maintaining accurate patient data records, PBMCTs are a big part of any practice. The skills they gain through training make them ideal candidates to practice in retail and hospital settings. 

It is often the responsibility of the PBMCT to make sure patient records are accurate to avoid drug interactions. They are also responsible for providing valuable services to patients and answering questions. Ensuring accurate benefit processing is another responsibility usually handled by PBMCTs. 

In order to become a PBM certified technician, you need to meet the requirements of the Pharmacy Benefits Management Certification Program. This includes an age limit and work hour requirements that must be met as well as passing an in-person exam. 

Pharmacy Benefits Management Certified Technician Program Requirements

You must be at least eighteen years of age to take the PBMCT exam. Government-issued photo identification is required to provide proof of age. There are also work-based requirements that must be met before taking the exam:

  • 80 hours of work experience in the field of pharmacy benefits management


  • 6 months of experience in health care or a pharmacy-related field. 

Applying and Preparing for Your PBMCT Exam

You can apply to take the test at a testing site. Be sure to include a submission for any accommodations you may need in the testing environment. [add information when testing opens back up]

Preparing for your exam can be made simple by the NPTA’s new PBMCT Training Program. Your participation in this coursework will get you ready for the rigorous set of 120 questions. We’ll cover the wide range of material included on the exam and guide you as you prepare for your scheduled test. 

Your participation in this program will give you the confidence you need to pass the PBMCT exam. Benefits administration and plan details can be complicated. Our clear, easy to understand information will ensure that you understand this difficult topic prior to your exam.

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About the PBMCT Exam

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The 120 multiple-choice questions cover the diverse topics that PBMCTs address daily in their work environments. A hundred of the answers are scored while twenty are unscored. The questions are broken down into four categories:

  • 31% Support Pharmaceutical Plan Members (i.e. explaining plan benefits to patients, processing medication orders, troubleshooting claim problems)

  • 30% Respond to Provider Inquiries (i.e. explaining plan benefits to providers, process drug utilization reviews, route provider requests)

  • 22% Support Pharmaceutical Plan Insurers (i.e. maintaining member information, tracking and recording claims)

  • 17% Support Corporate Clients (i.e. handle claim overrides, correct high-level issues)

Renewing Your PBMCT Certification

Your PBM certification will need to be renewed every two years. During this time, you will need to complete 15 hours of ACPE-accredited coursework in continuing education. It is your responsibility to track and record these hours.  

Your membership to NPTA will give you access to a wide range of courses to choose from to meet these requirements. Our options for webinars, live classes, and in-person events makes keeping up with your CE simple and affordable. 

About 60 days prior to your certificate’s expiration date, you can apply for recertification. If you allow your certification to lapse, you’ll be required to take the PBMCT exam again. 

Utilizing Your Pharmacy Benefits Management Certified Technician Certification 

Once you pass the exam, you can proudly display your PBMCT certification status. This will show others that you were willing to take the extra steps to expand your knowledge. It also shows that you have the unique understanding of the complicated world of benefits. 

Your PBMCT certification will also allow you to better serve your patients. It will help you work better with your colleagues and make you an asset in your practice setting. The time you put into studying and gaining your certification will give you a valuable career boost. 

Growing Your Pharmacy Technician Career

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Getting your PBMCT certification is just one of the steps you can take to grow your career. Your NPTA membership can provide you with valuable resources and connections. Our benefits can make a real difference in the future of your career! Join or renew your membership today!