Technician Product Verification


The Technician Product Verification Certificate shows a deeper knowledge of patient safety and best practices for avoiding dispensing errors. It involves having a better understanding of final verification processes. It also includes double-checking automated dispensing and the work of other technicians.

A TPV certification shows that you have a high attention to detail. You’re committed to accuracy and being diligent about quality control. The exam includes ensuring that the number and type of medication being prescribed matches the label exactly.

This test involves checking for errors on labels and requires a high level of attentiveness. The 120 question exam includes questions about calculating dosage and determining the amount of medication to dispense. It also includes verifying packaging is not damaged and expiration dates are current.

In order to qualify for the exam, you must be a current PTCB licensed technician. You also must complete a PTCB-Recognized Education or Training program or a state-board approved validation program. Our NPTA Technician Product Verification Program can give you the skills you need to pass this exam.



The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) now offers testing to qualify Certified Pharmacy Technicians for additional advanced recognition in direct patient care. This coursework and exam cover topics including administrative tasks, systems for dispensing medications and verifying prescriptions.

The main focus of the exam, however, is better understanding the machines and products that govern how medications are handled. This allows the pharmacy technician to take tasks out of the hands of pharmacists, who can work directly with patients as a result.

The Technician Product Verification Certificate (TPV) is an essential tool for pharm techs, and it’s a step in the direction of achieving CPhT-Advanced status. CPhT-Adv is a prestigious accomplishments, which is earned after successful completion of four of these approved certification programs.


Components Of The Exam And Coursework

The course is entirely made up of multiple-choice questions. They not only test your knowledge of terminology, but also the best practices and uses for technician products and devices. This allows professionals to keep up with technology and the latest in any pharmacist-technician setting.

In order to gain eligibility for this exam, candidates must meet certain standards of education, namely completing a PTCB-Recognized Education or Training Program. Once complete, this professional certificate allows you to apply for more positions while meeting the core responsibilities included in TPV key concepts.

This certification process allows your supervisors and the resident pharmacists to focus on patient care and more pressing matters. CPhT staff can attend to these tasks and administrative duties, freeing up the upper-level staff. These qualifications also tend to earn pharm-techs more income while allowing greater flexibility their careers.


Costs And Pre-Requirements For The Examination

This test covers 120 total questions of multiple-choice options. The test is delivered electronically and includes quality-assurance questions, and other related to information, strength and dosage of medications.

The exam costs $89 and it covers:

  • How to utilize modern technician products and devices
  • Checking products for dosage and actual contents
  • Verifying technician products and medications

Although the fee may be a challenge for some technicians to afford, it opens up many career opportunities that make the fee seem nominal. Once you complete the course, your certificate is always available on the PTCB Credential Center. This digital resource center allows you to apply for and receive printable versions of your Technician Product Verification Certificate.

The most direct route for the TPV Certificate to enroll in a curriculum-delivery program like those offered at the CPhT Training Center. After completing an approved course, you can register for the exam, and once complete, you will receive a digital badge and hard-copy certificate for your records.


The Role Of Product Verification In The Pharmacy Setting

If you’re a CPhT, chances are you’re very familiar with the ‘check-tech-check’ method. This refers to technicians checking a product, before passing it along to another technician for checking. This is considered a best-practice when possible, as it alleviates the duty from the pharmacist.

Those who take this course and exam will learn all about teach-check-tech and how to best utilize the practice. To pass the exam, pay close attention to details about this method and other helpful tips when dealing with products in a technical environment.

You can expect the exam to cover topics related to alleviating pharmacists in general, as a large trend in this field is freeing up pharmacists to perform the most complex tasks only. If you’ve ever worked in a pharmacy setting, you understand how important valuing pharmacists’ time truly is — both to the pharmacy and to the patients.

This exam covers over 100 questions of multiple-choice, and test-takers are given their results the same day as the examination. Like other certification processes for a CPhT, this certification requires either completion of an approved curriculum program, or another route involving professional experience.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry — we break down the important elements and explain exactly how to apply in this article!

Earning Badges And Greater Workplace Responsibility

Like other exams, badges for this exam are available on the Board’s online portal; badges are features you can add to your LinkedIn Profile, email signature or the like. They’re great indicators of your accomplishments as a CPhT!

To earn a badge, be prepared to answer questions that refer to segments of reading that need to be accurately comprehended. In addition to reading-and-answer questions, you also might be asked to recall information from a previous question or prompt. Therefore, paying attention to the whole test is incredibly important, as well as being detail-oriented in answering them.

The test are scored by computer system, and results are available the same day as the exam. Also, your status will be automatically updated on the PTCB website, where you can also access your TPV Certificate and other documentation.


How And Where To Study For The Exam

If this sounds like a challenge to complete on your own, remember that there are excellent training programs and curricula available! To study for the exam, you can enroll in a specific course tailored to the Technician Product Verification Certificate and Exam. At the CPhT Training Center, for instance, courses will be available soon to train you for this exam utilizing NPTA-approved instructors only.